Atlas Centurion (now Atlas Java) is a tanker operator, mainly servicing the Baltic chemical tanker market, operating sophisticated chemical tankers on both Contractual Cargoes as well as in the spot market. The Company holds key CoA with chemical producers within Europe. 



Atlas is run by Mr. Jansen himself, with support from family members. In addition many services are outsourced, and the daily operation is undertaken via commercial agreements. We like to be hands on, and is highly involved in the close business relations we have within the region.


The Companys sole Owner; 


Carl Edward Jansen

Mr. Jansen is one of the two founders of the Atlas system and the Centurion system.

He has more than 15 years’ experience from the chemical shipping industry, and has formerly worked with Utkilen Shipping, Jo Tankers, Plowright and RG Hagland Shipbrokers. He brings a creative edge to our company, focusing on trust and long-term relations.

Mr. Jansen is a member of the Board of Directors. He has since day one worked closely with our existing customers and potential new customers in order to development new business opportunities for the company. Mr. Jansen has also been an integral part of the chartering desk with his long experience.

Mr. Jansen purchased all shares and became the sole owner of Atlas, and Affiliated Companies from 01st June 2016. Mr. Jansen is sole member of the board of Directors


Even though we are still a young company, we have accumulated experiences worth a life-time in this business. Looking back with a keen eye enables us to learn from history, adapt and tailor our future approach. It is an important part of who we are and what we do. It is our pleasure to give you a short glimpse of this.



Following a decade of working together, the two founders of Atlas decided to part on good terms, due to strategic differences in 2016, and as such the Atlas-chapter was completed. Mr. Jansen acquired Atlas and all its activities with effect from June 2016, and has since fundamentally restructured the group of companies, which today is gathered under Atlas Java Gruppen AS. The Company is today run by Mr. Jansen and his family. Mr. Jansen has great belief in the time to come. 


M/T ST Destiny, one of our vessels operating on the Transatlantic route in 2015 for Atlas

2015 - following 6-7 years of shipping crisis - finally showed signs of changes ahead. Slight optimism was now visible, and new business could again be developed.

As a test project we entered into a joint venture with local Askoy-based shipowner, Bergen Tankers, forming a commercial outfit named “Atlas Bergen Chartering (ABC)”. We both wanted to see whether new business could be developed together. However, seeing the year pass by we finally decided to exit the test project and go our own way onwards, parting as friends with no changes to our business doing.

Winning a major CoA with Koppers, we continued strengthening our presence on the transatlantic route throughout the year, opening up old channels we had been working together with during our time with Arizona Chemicals business. We will continue building our presence on this trade lane, in line with our original outport-sailing strategy back from 2008-2009.

So far the picture for 2016 looks good, and it is with great eagerness we welcome a new year under the “Atlas Centurion” brand-umbrella. Same same, but different.


Loh, Wara, Jansen & Risholm in Manila 2014 following our venture with reputable, major local oil company Seaoil

2014 followed on the backbone of 2013, bringing another year where the markets were still in crisis, at the same time as we were re-shaping our own Company. Even though we gradually saw signs of changes in the market fundamentals, neither volumes nor rates proved much relief.

Internally the year however continued well of from 2013 with continuous build on our exciting venture with Philippines major private oil company, Seaoil. However contrary to expectations, halfway through 2014 the oil markets in Far East changed dramatically, which again forced a re-alignment of our activities within the region. Being stretched out over too many markets, we saw the need for restructuring our business activities all over – seeing the closure of our Singapore office when turning into 2015.

We started a consolidating process centering our main activities around our contract systems in Europe (Baltic) and US (Transatlantic basin). We trimmed the organization, returned more or less back to our starting point from a trading perspective, and prepared for a new, exciting year ahead.


Owners of Atlas, Wara & Jansen 2013, onboard the ACT chartered «Loyal» during Bergen Shipping Dinner 2013.

Halfway through 2013 we could still conclude that the year has so far proved itself as the fifth year of full shipping crisis globally. With large Owners filing for bankruptcies and struggling with financing, ACT still managed to maneuver through the unclear and traitorous waters of chemical tanker shipping.

With the establishment of short lived joint venture company MILESTONE between Jo Tankers and Tokyo Marine, our cooperation and handling of Tokyos StSt vessels came to an halt and was transferred to Milestone. At the same time our friends in Haugesund decided to sell of more of their tankers, changing the basis of our fleet structure. This forced us to reduce our exposure and pressence on the TA route for an interim period.

With a strong internal growth over the last years, we came to a crossroad given the challenging markets we saw ahead combined with the sudden change in our customer base. It is never too late to step back and take a larger view to what you are doing – which very much described what we did. We enforced major changes on the management team, consolidating the organization and starting slowly to move back to our old philosophy; we invest carefully, and put our aim towards solid projects with less risk taking. Realigning meant big changes - changes that again very much described the state of art within the company when saying good bye to 2013. We decided to give a strong push and increase our presence and investments in Singapore – following up on our long term goal and strategy. If it don’t break you, it only makes you stronger.


The year where the world did a double dip. 2012 proved to be a challenging business year, with continuous low freight rates and reduced volumes being shipped.

Regardless of this, Atlas proudly concluded contracts resulting in a 100% retainment rate, and looked towards strengthening our presence in the Americas. A 6 months pilot project was initiated in New York, potentially paving the way for a future office in the US down the road. 2012 was the year of changes, as well as re-forging the Company back to its roots. A substantial internal strategic process was conducted and completed, creating basis for future continuous growth. Our new vision; ACT at the forefront of chemical tanker shipping was born and implemented.

Late 2012 we concluded an important commercial agreement with reputable shipowners Tokyo Marine. Being awarded with the full scale commercial and economical responsibility of two of their sophisticated tankers, was yet another big milestone in the Atlas history. During the year we took important steps towards establishing a reliable service TA in the 20k dwts StSt segment.

With great expectations we look forward for what is to come. We will make sure to keep you posted!


M/T Dumlupinar, one of our long term vessels operating in the Baltic Sea 2011

Entering 2011 Atlas decided to reduce its exposure towards the Turkish shipbuilding industry, following an increasing financial crisis worldwide. By doing so we exited some of our Cooperations in Turkey, and took a more direct control of tonnage by ways of timecharter.

Majority Owners of Atlas considered selling 1/3 of the Company to large industrial investors, but eventually halted the process based on different strategic opinions of how the company was to be developed. Contracts were renewed and volumes continued to grow steadily. We continued enjoying a strong working relationship with our friends in Haugesund, as well as servicing the remaining financial solid Turkish clients as well as close London based investors.

Internally Atlas grew its personnel base substantially, adding profound experience to its team of experts. Balancing commercial tonnage and T/C tonnage, Atlas finished 2011 very strong, even though markets worldwide were still disastrous.


Views of Singapore, Telok Ayer Street, where Atlas office was established in 2010

Focusing on niche business, out-port sailing and dedication towards our Customers, Atlas managed to increase its fleet to a total of 22 sophisticated chemical tankers by 2010, even though the financial crisis was yet to climax. A mix of long-term placed tonnage and short-term problem-based tonnage from Norway, Turkey, UK and Europe.

Our modern ship management model proved itself, and enabled us to further expand our trading horizon by opening up our office in Singapore; 136B Telok Ayer Street. Before the year had passed a full scale office was up and running, handling tonnage East of Suez both commercially and operationally. Back in the West, a large strategic cooperation with our respected friends in Haugesund, Knutsen OAS Shipping & Trygve Seglem himself was developed and furthermore expanded throughout the years to come.

Contract portfolio continued to grow, and our presence was further strengthened by heavy investments and acquisition of a small Singaporean ship management company. Atlas took new offices in Laksevag just outside Bergen centrum, as the need for space was increasing.


Signing ceremony of the Atlas-Dow PO transportation agreement, Bergen, Norway

The financial crisis struck the shipping markets with full force early 2009 and created severely challenging conditions for shipping worldwide. However, Atlas as an agile and dynamic company managed to shift its sailing pattern and trading focus in order to adapt to the changing markets. Initiating an around-the-clock chartering desk here in Bergen, we managed to head Eastward with our 10.000 dwt vessels at good rates, being among the first ones doing long-haul with such small vessels profitable.

We continued growing our presence and our alliances in Turkey, adding a substantial number of vessels to our controlled fleet. Atlas lead the way into the Turkish world of young post financial crisis shipowners, and actually was the first company to establish the concept of "commercial management" to the Turkish shipping community. To a certain extent, the success of this model formed the cornerstone of our business model moving forward. By pooling 7 sister vessels of 10,400 dwt Ice Classed 1A, Marineline coated, and moving them into Baltic - we made a pressence. We paved the way for Marineline as means of shipping rather sophisticated chemicals, and aquired great hands on experience in terms of cleaning and handling of same.

Strong partnerships were forged with Turkish shipyards and Norwegian ship owners, and by 2009 we managed to conclude a 15 year contract transporting Propylene Oxide (PO) in Far East for the DOW Chemical Company. We furthermore concluded our two first long term Contract of Affreightments in the Transatlantic basin with reputable Arizona Chemicals and Tricon, gradually expanding our presence.


Mr. Wara & Mr. Jansen on the bridge of M/T Hulin, in Tuzla Bay, Istanbul, Turkey

Atlas was founded in May 2008 by Mr. Wara & Mr. Jansen, bringing in experience from their time with Norwegian shipowner Utkilen and their in-house broker Bergen Tanker Brokers. Halfway through 2008 Atlas managed its first three 10,400 dwt Marineline Ice Classed 1A vessels for trading Methanol and Caustic Soda Solution in the Baltic / European market on Contractual basis.

By securing long term contracts and combining this with sporadic spot trading, we were able to build a stable sailing pattern which supported the initial build-up of our Company. Moving through 2008 Atlas built a strong presence with the Turkish shipbuilding industry located in the Tuzla region of Istanbul, paving way for increasing our fleet moving forward by the concept of commercial management and pooling in combination with traditional time chartering of vessels.

Situated firstly way outside of Bergen city, by an old Marina / dockside, we had ample time building our company slowly with a keen eye over the waters. By the end of 2008 we took offices in the Xhibition building in Bergen center, and gradually started the build up of our organization.